Guards of Facility
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New models and 24 unique cards, including the 'It's a Trap' event, to turn the tables on the attackers!

At a classified location in Western Europe, German scientists carry out chemical research to create deadly new weapons. The facility is overseen by the officious commandant, ably assisted by his adjutant and a wounded veteran officer who has been reassigned away from the front line. Guards patrol the facility wearing gas masks to protect themselves from the toxic fumes while a sinister Gestapo officer keeps a watchful eye on everyone...


This set contains:

5 metal character miniatures:
   Gestapo Officer
   Wounded Officer
   Chief Scientist
16 multi-part plastic miniatures (including 4 guard dogs)
4 gas-mask metal heads
9 Recruitment cards
7 Event cards
7 Veteran cards
1 Requisition card
24 Plastic Bases

NB. All cards are new, adding unique options and tactics to the game!

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Glue and paints not included. Contents may vary from photos. You will need the 02 Hundred Hours Starter Set in order to play.

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